Melia By Who?

 My love for clothes goes back as far as I can remember. I was/still am that girl who would spend hours just putting things together and amending clothes just to make sure it looked right.

I didn't grow up with much, but I knew from early on how important it is to look good. It gets you in the door. Then your brain does the rest of the work to keep you in the room. 

Melia By Jade allows me combine some of my favorite things...ART- Adire is a work of art!!! CULTURE-There is a story to tell about these fabrics!!! And beautiful CLOTHES-The Melia By Jade pieces are unique and different. They are in a world of their own...just like I am! 


I make Melia pieces for that woman who has come into her own. She understands her body, embraces the experiences and changes her body has gone through and she is determined to turn heads when she walks into a room. 


After all, why can't we have it all?